Alberta's renewable energy resource

Understanding solar energy isn't just about solar panels and sunlight. We are passionate about solar energy and we want to share our passion and knowledge with the rest of Alberta. Our intention is to provide clear, easy to understand information to anyone who requests it. 

We have developed a report on the economic factors that affect solar power in Alberta, including comparing Ontario's solar industry lessons with Alberta's current industry opportunities. 


Canadian Solar Industry Association (CanSIA) has also developed many other excellent reports outlining the Canadian solar sector's current state and their projections. Natural Resources Canada has also developed a great report on Canada's solar industry. 




Sol Invictus is committed to supporting local energy retailers who have made an effort to reduce their environmental impact and provide other benefits to communities in Alberta. We are not affiliated with any of the following businesses however, it is important for consumers to understand that there is choice in choosing their energy suppliers.


Renewable energy utility Retailers & Distributers in Alberta:

Spot Power provides a unique loyalty program designed specifically for solar micro-generators! Earn a premium on your solar electricity and help further green Alberta's electricity grid. To qualify for all of benefits included in this solar club package, you must be a micro-generator in Alberta and make a donation to your local foodbank.

Spark recently merged with Northern Lights Energy & Power to form the Alberta Cooperative Energy (ACE), is a 100% member owned cooperative that reinvests in green energy and supports micro-generation. This organization allows consumers the choice to specifically support renewable energy generation either through solar, wind or bio-fuel. 

EQUS is Canada's largest member-owned utility and supports solar energy by offering financing for solar installation costs, as well as providing up to $0.10/W of solar PV installed to a maximum of $500 (5KW), capped at $10,000 total for EQUS for 2017. 

Bow Valley Power's customers have the opportunity to purchase 100 percent green power generated from renewable energy sources. Bow Valley Power will add clean, green, renewable energy into Alberta's electricity grid as you consume electricity to match the amount of power your home or business uses. 

Bullfrog Power provides Albertans the option to change to 100% green electricity and/or natural gas. By using Bullfrog Power, Bullfrog Power will put in 100% green energy back into the energy grid to match the amount of electricity or natural gas your home or business uses. They use a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power generated from new Canadian renewable energy facilities, including at least 50% coming directly from your local area. Bullfrog’s natural gas comes from a methane-capture project located on a Canadian landfill, where biogas is contained, cleaned, and put back into the national natural gas pipeline for Bullfrog Power’s customers.

Adiago Energy provides retail electricity and natural gas to homes, farms and small businesses across Alberta. They have competitive rates and friendly, local service. They are 100% Albertan.  Through Green Alberta Energy and in partnership with Adagio Energy, by opting to buy Green Energy (Renewable Energy Certificates, RECs – ECOLOGO Certified) you will help promote and sustain existing renewable energy facilities and encourage others to build. The ultimate goal is to decarbonize the grid with fossil free and renewable energy. Climate Change is real and together we can make a difference by investing in a variety of environmental friendly energy sources such as Bio Power, Wind and Solar Micro Generation. Buying Green RECs is a simple way to make a significant difference.

Encor Chirp by Epcore offers customers more choice of green electricity and green natural gas at 3 levels of 15%, 50% and 100%. With Encor Chirp, customers are in control to pick and choose their plan, mix and match percentage levels, and even bundle all of their services on to one convenient bill. Customers can choose fixed or floating rates for green electricity and/or green natural gas plans. Encor Chirp green electricity and natural gas is produced from renewable sources including landfill gas and hydro. The projects supported are Eco-certified Albertan facilities, and with ISO certified natural gas from Ontario. When you buy Chirp green energy, you are also purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) or greenhouse gas offset credits in an amount that matches the level of green you choose to purchase.

ENMAX Energy Corporation offers existing customers with EasyMax™ Rewards the option to redeem EasyMax Rewards™ dollars toward Greenmax for no additional monthly charge. For the Rewards dollars, ENMAX Energy will ensure 5000 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) per year of renewable energy is purchased from an EcoLogo™ certified facility in Alberta.

Just Energy offers Natural Gas and Electricity Price Protection Plans with the option of adding with green energy to your plan. Just Energy will make sure the amount of green power and/or gas you have bought is provided to the nearby electricity grid and/or local carbon offset projects, when possible.

Solar Max Power offers to pay 1 cent/kWh premium for power exported to the grid. You can also opt to purchase Green Energy (Renewable Energy Certificates) which will promote and sustain renewable energy facilities and encourage others to build.  


Solar Energy Companies in Central Alberta

SunFind Solar Products - Our passion and drive to engineer, design and build superior PV systems has positioned Sunfind Solar Products as a leader in the PV market.  We use your engineering and design expertise to supply systems all across Canada.   In addition, we have ability to provide installation / construction services across Western Canada with highly trained service crews and state-of-the-art tools and equipment.  

Exposure Solar - Solar Panel Installers serving Alberta and Saskatchewan, With Offices located in Lloydminster and Red Deer.

We encourage our clients to compare utility and service providers in order to find a solution that best meets their individual needs and priorities. 

Solar Energy Companies in Southern Alberta

KCP Energy - Calgary - KCP Energy has been installing solar energy systems in Alberta from before solar was cool. For over ten years we have focused on energy efficiency, solar heating, and solar electric systems on both large-scale commercial and enlightened residential properties.