Energy costs are high and continue to rise. One way of making electricity and heat more affordable is by reducing consumption. We can assess your home, business or farm's energy consumption/loss, and provide recommendations for improvement and provide an EnerGuide rating for your home. 


Basic Service Energy Efficiency Consultation, Design:

Initial consultation includes a site or blueprint assessment, Hot2000 modelling, which is a simulation and design tool for low-rise residential building, and a Blower Door Test (for the on site evaluation only), which is used to measure the airtightness of buildings by identifying air leaks. The more airtight your building is, the less heat is lost and more energy efficient it will be! We will then provide any additional recommendations for improvement.

This is a necessary step in order to plan renovations or any mechanical/appliance/solar upgrades to your home in order to maximize energy savings. 

  • 9.36 Building Code Energy Efficiency compliance for home builders & other professionals
  • On-Site
  • Blueprint only for home owners (additional services may be required for an EnerGuide label)

Travel fees may apply

Additional analysis on accessory buildings may be required and is not included in this price, only the residential home will be included in the EnerGuide label

GST will apply

Why choose Certified Energy Advisor?

Energy Advisor's are registered with natural resource canada to complete Energuide energy assessments for homes. They provide third party expert advice to homeowners looking to consider responsible energy use and can work with builders who wish to use the energuide rating system in planning and in the design stages of their new constructions. energy advisors help ensure homes labelled under nrcan's energy efficiency housing initiatives meet the requirements of the respective standards. 

At sol invictus energy services, we provide impartial advice in order to meet our clients energy goals. 

Note: CMHC Energy Efficient Housing offers premium mortgage rates up to 25% once an energy audit has been completed. This audit must be conducted by a NRCAN Certified Energy Advisor. 

Post Construction Energy Efficiency Reevaluation & EnerGuide Label

After construction or renovation, we will do another site assessment which includes a blower door test. This will provide information which will allow us to determine if improvements were made by the renovation or create a baseline after a new construction has been completed. Additional recommendations for improvement will be made. 

Results will be combined with the information received through the initial modelling of your home.

Completion of the Post Construction Assessment results in an EnerGuide labelling. EnerGuide labelling will be required to access grants or rebates, as well as provide clear & comparable identification of being an EnerGuide energy efficiency home. This could give you an advantage when reselling your home. 

Travel fees may apply

GST will apply



Additional Services

Leak Detection is an on-site service provided in order to determine where leaks are located in a building by depressurizing the building with a blower door fan. A limited leak detection service is included in the Basic Service Energy Assessment or purchased as a separate service if necessary. 

Leak Detection with Blower Door Test

Travel fees may apply

GST will apply


We can help you develop your energy needs & usage goals and determine what mechanical systems & appliances would appropriately meet them. 

Appliance/Mechanical System Consultation


Let us assist you in making energy upgrades to your home by locating local contractors, professionals or consultants who understand the importance of energy efficiency.  We can also identify appropriate materials to fit your needs. Basic consultation is included in Post Construction Energy Audit. 

Retrofitting your home to improve its performance may include:

  • Improved insulation
  • Window upgrades
  • Energy efficient hot water tank/furnace
  • LED lights
  • Solar Photovoltaic Energy