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"Our Journey to Net Zero" - How a Lethbridge family constructed their high performance home

Our journey to Net-Zero began​ when my wife and I moved in 2011 from our first home to a newer, similar-sized home. After a few months, we were shocked to find that our energy bills had more than doubled. After a few years of tolerating the higher costs, we decided to build new and to a high energy efficiency standard…

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Every Day is Earth Day (in a Passive Net Zero House)

Today we explore Earth Day in Alberta and what that means for our Passive, Net Zero home, energy sources and emissions! Cautiously Optimistic Earth Day!

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Energy is Everything

Our initial modelling came out pretty good, but we can tighten it up! As well, we consider different heating options for a very efficient home, while considering the impact our heating systems will have on our future solar photovoltaic system. 

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